House of Blessing
Christmas Birth

2017 Christmas Letter

Dear Partner in Ministry,

One dark night long ago, was born for you and me, the ultimate gift of redemption and hope!!

Who knew? The stable reeked of animals, the straw was hard and prickly. Thrashing in birthing pains was a young girl, crying out God? Her anxious husband, no doubt, tried to help and comfort her. Finally, a baby boy was born, wrapped in clothes and laid in a cow’s trough.

On a nearby hillside, weary shepherds watched over their restless sheep and tried to rest a little themselves. Suddenly, the sky lit up, angels appeared and began to sing, “Glory to God in the highest, and peace on earth good will to man.”

They were scared to death, but knew something wondrous had happened. They obeyed the angels and went to find the baby. There HE was, red, hungry and … they knew, this was no ordinary baby. These rugged, smelly shepherds bowed down and worshipped. They were the first to behold THE GIFT!

Two thousand years later, in South Los Angeles, are young women who have given birth way too soon. The babies are in foster care and the women are empty. Drugs and alcohol only mask the pain for a moment!

Older women, in large numbers, are finding themselves homeless, They are no longer able to “do it right” their kids don’t care.. who does? Moms with their children fill shelters and parked cars trying to keep safe! Wondering why? Where is daddy? Where is God?

This Christmas, will you join the House of Blessing and fall to your knees along with the shepherds, the wise men, and countless numbers across the centuries… and worship the King, no longer a baby but who now sits at the right hand of God…He is KING of KINGS and LORD of LORDS and together we will continue and increase our effort to hold high THE GIFT that gives hope to the poor and hopeless in Los Angeles?

If you’re young like Mary or older like the wise men, rich, or poor like the shepherds, please consider a gift to House of Blessing this Christmas… to honor the King and to help the helpless and hopeless find THE GIFT!!

In the Matchless name of Jesus, Carole Clark
Carole Clarke, Executive Director

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